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Awaken.  Choose.  Grow.  Transform.

About Me

I am a developmental consultant, coach, and facilitator.  My expertise lies at the intersection of leadership and adult development, culture and systems change and organizational and team effectiveness. I possess the genuine desire to enable and accelerate the growth and success of others, facilitating a deeper understanding of essential human dynamics and capability building and its role in the transformation of individuals and teams.


With a vigilant focus on development, I embody the mindfulness and day-to-day engagement necessary to help individuals, teams and collaborators discover the learning available in each experience.  On an organizational scale, my executive experience includes successfully uniting organizational culture and development strategies with growth goals and strategic imperatives.


A diverse range of individuals and organizations have benefitted from my support, including; small, mid-size and global organizations in the Financial Services, Technology, Retail and Education sectors.

About me


How I Can Help You

I help build the leadership capacity and capabilities needed for the 21st-century.

I have a strong desire to see a new kind of leadership emerge in the world, one that is human-centred, purpose-driven and rooted in our interconnectedness. The essential operating system required for this emergence is a move toward greater self-authorship and that is the different kind of work I do with individuals, teams and organizations. There is a flood of important concepts; EI, Servant Leadership, Authenticity, Presence etc. however, without a shift in one's meaning-making system toward self-authorship these ideas are just that, ideas.

I help individuals and teams identify their hidden assumptions and underlying beliefs that, when shifted, give rise to their deepest potential and offer the greatest opportunity for the transformation they seek to achieve. I support people to expand their mean-making system to hold greater complexity needed for leading in these times of accelerated and ongoing change.


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