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Our World has Changed, Significantly

Join us for an ongoing, shared learning experience to build the capacities required to lead in this new world of work and consider novel ways of being.


You'll leave this experience;

  • thinking newly about Leadership,

  • feeling more confident,

  • navigating conflict, friction and stress more effectively,

  • leading more powerfully,

  • with a greater sense of agency to set boundaries, feel less exhausted and move through mental roadblocks,

  • gaining leadership presence and leading more authentically

  • creating greater psychological safety for your team.

Image by Hector Ramon Perez

Here's how we'll roll:

  • We'll meet monthly for 8 sessions to cover the book's contents,


  • Each session is two hours and we'll discuss what we've read and share learning plus,

  • A facilitator-lead learning segment linking reading to practical application and leading-edge developmental thinking

Image by Perry Grone

The Novel Book Club Experience

  • Small-Group - the number of participants is intentionally kept to a maximum of 10 participants to create an optimal learning environment.


  • ​An engaging and playful learning environment to explore meaningful change and build your network and community through shared learning experiences.

  • Between sessions practices you can try on the job, we'll debrief collectively.


Join Us!

COST: $999 plus HST and includes the cost of the book

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