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Image by Tomasz Smal

Senior Change Consultant

Insurance Industry

I chose Elaine as my coach given her strong business acumen and innate desire to support leaders in accelerating results through authentic human-centred leadership. I was grateful to have worked with Elaine through the challenges we collectively faced in 2020. Elaine was both a valued confidante and an unbiased partner. She was compassionate and firm in her commitment to have me step outside of my comfort zone and into self-authorship, during a period of significant change and uncertainty.


I valued her wisdom and guidance as I worked to establish a new practice inside of a global pandemic. I would highly recommend Elaine and the unique perspective she brings to her clients.

CEO, Founder

Data Industry

Elaine deeply understands the intersection between business growth and leading-edge leadership development.  She has a unique perspective with the tapestry of her background and experience and it's this tapestry that has enabled her to be an expert guide for our leadership team.  

She helps us think in novel and more complex ways, supporting us to envision and then unleash our own unique brand of authentic leadership.  She is NOT your everyday run-of-the-mill coach.


Elaine is compassionate and with gentle confidence challenges us to dig deep and uncover what's getting in our way, clarify it and then guides us to reimagine and move forward.  She sees the best and the full possibility in all of us and supports us from that place.

I see the impact of this investment on a regular basis. Her perspective has helped me and my leadership team operate with even more trust, communication, and confidence. Elaine's involvement has been transformational in many ways and is one of the best investments I have ever made. Spend any time with Elaine and you too will want her on your dream team.

From the earliest stages of my career I played a mental game of creating my "dream team". These were successful, brilliant people that I met along my career that I wanted to find a way to work with again in the future. It gives me great pride to have gotten to a place where I could bend the universe to my will to be able to work with Elaine again.

VP, Sales & Marketing

Data Industry

Since I started working with Elaine, I have a whole new perspective on leadership presence.  I set out with a goal to develop my confidence because I was struggling with how to carry myself in a way that I thought was expected of a leader.  With our work on self-authorship, I am focusing on being authentic and leading according to my own style and vision.  While still a work in progress, focusing on my team and outcomes, rather than on how others are perceiving me, is quite freeing.  That freedom has brought confidence, improved my leadership presence, and has led to a new enthusiasm for my work.”   

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