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Build Your Leadership Presence 

A Program Designed by Women, For Women

Image by Markus Tacker

Our World has Changed, Significantly

Across the globe, we are at the crossroads in the evolution of a new world of work.  One of the essential elements pivotal in creating this new world of work is Leadership Presence.

Image by Ryan Vitter

Why Leadership Presence?

It is a leadership presence that enables us to lead through the significant uncertainty, ambiguity and change we are currently experiencing.

When the capacity of presence is fully expressed, it is palpable and it emanates from us, energetically.  There is consistency in our actions, in our words and in our bodies.  We are experienced as; centred and connected.  We exude authenticity and are open to and present for those around us.  We embody the strength of purpose, courage and vulnerability. 

Image by Hector Ramon Perez

The Essential Move!

To achieve a greater leadership presence, a move toward our authored-self is essential. 


Harvard Professor Robert Kegan’s longitudinal research tells us that only 20-30% of adults achieve full self-authorship in their lifetime. 


That’s a lot of agency left on the table for us to leverage to move toward greater Leadership Presence!

Image by Tamay Tandıran

The details 


join us!

One-Day Virtual Workshop Date: Oct 9th

Time: 900-430           COST: $499 plus HST

PLUS - Learning Integration* Sessions

Session #1: First week of November, two-hour session (date TBD)

Session #2: First week of December, two-hour session (date TBD)


* Guided by your experience applying your learning from the workshop, we’ll use social learning as the process to integrate your learning and get input from the cohort.





·   Develop an understanding of the essential connection between leadership presence and self-authorship.


·  Identify your current mean-making system and learn practices that will move you closer to your authored self.

·   Gain new perspectives about the cornerstones of presence and ways to power-up; increasing self-awareness, safety and purpose & accessing your inner self-author.


·  Cultivate inner states of greater presence that will impact all facets of your work-life. 

·  Explore your current ways of understanding yourself and others offering a greater understanding of places where we get stuck.

Image by Perry Grone

The Virtual

program experience

Small-Group - the number of participants is intentionally kept small to create an optimal learning environment.


​Research-backed concepts, interaction, discussion and activities to support your learning.


​An engaging, safe, and playful learning environment to explore meaningful change in ourselves.


Practices to implement post-workshop to move you toward greater leadership presence.

Image by Chansereypich Seng

Is this program 

for you?

  • ​Are you transformation-ready and actively seeking to bring in new and provocative ways of thinking and being to create sustainable change?


  • Are you ready to move outside your comfort zone toward deeper development?



  • Are you ready to explore how your reactive meaning-making structures, underlying beliefs and conditioned responses affect the leadership presence we seek?

Image by Mark Kamalov

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

“Since I started working with Elaine, I have a whole new perspective on leadership presence.  I set out with a goal to develop my confidence because I was struggling with how to carry myself in a way that I thought was expected of a leader.  With our work on self-authorship, I am focusing on being authentic and leading according to my own style and vision.  While still a work in progress, focusing on my team and outcomes, rather than on how others are perceiving me, is quite freeing.  That freedom has brought confidence, improved my leadership presence, and has led to a new enthusiasm for my work.”   

Image by Gian D.

Chief Operating Officer

“Working on being more self-authored has given me a platform for recognizing leadership qualities in myself that I would have otherwise deemed less important qualities to foster and nurture in my professional life. For example, tapping into my own sensitivity and warmth has made me a better leader. Allowing myself the space to let go of defensive tendencies has allowed me to be more open. And during this self-authorship journey, I'm learning how to listen better, be more present for myself, my clients, and my team; I'm really working on creating more space to work on improving as a leader. What does "space to work on improving" look like? It looks like hard work! That work involves focused time, quiet time, delegated time, and practicing bigger-picture activities like setting strategies, collaboration, and being my best self.”

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